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“Sometimes we need a guide, a director…who helps us to distinguish between the voice of God and all other voices coming from our own confusion or from dark powers far beyond our control.” – Henri Nouwen

For the last year, Father Keith has been training in a program to be a certified Spiritual Director with Selah through the Diocese of Christ our Hope. The Diocese of Christ Our Hope has partnered with Leadership Transformations, Inc. (LTI) to offer a uniquely Anglican cohort of their Selah: Certificate in Spiritual Direction. LTI's Selah-Anglican Certificate is hosted by the Diocese of Christ Our Hope, but open to Anglicans around the ACNA.

For more information about Spiritual Direction, and Father Keith's role in it, please visit the Diocese of Christ our Hope.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with him to find out more, contact Fr Keith here.

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